Why do men pay for escorts in Montreal and elsewhere?

Why do men pay for escorts?

Have you ever wondered why do men pay for escorts in Montreal?

You probably did ask a friend…

But who would know the exact answer more than a real call girl?

That’s why we interviewed 3 escorts in Montreal… Here’s their answer to your question. Let’s get started!

The real reasons why men pay for escorts in Montreal

If you are a woman or even a man, you might be wondering why do some men pay for escorts in Montreal and elsewhere?

There are many reasons why some men like to hire escorts in Montreal or any other cities. I listed the most common reasons below.

1 – The thrill of paying an escort for sex is exciting

Some men pay escorts just for the thrill of paying for sex. Because it is so naughty and forbidden, it can be a massive turn on for men.

2 – It makes the men who hire escorts feel powerful

There is a feeling of power that a man gets when paying for sex. It’s like the call girl is his little slave and she will do whatever he wants for the entire duration of the booking. Like a sex slave. This can be addictive and exhilarating for a man.

What do escorts do in Montreal?

3 – It makes men who get services from an escort feel like a rockstar

Hollywood movies always feature strippers and escorts during good wild parties. If traveling to Montreal or any other cities, alone or with some friends, many men want to make that Hollywood fantasy party a reality, and hire strippers or escorts to enhance their parties, have threesomes, or fulfil some other wild fantasy of theirs.


4 – Hiring an escort is like having a date with guaranteed sex

Many men are stressed while going on dates or just don’t know how to seduce women the right way. This can be frustrating for these men and often they will go on dates and the woman won’t be attracted enough to want to have sex with them. After failing many times with women some shy men prefer to pay for escorts and it gives them guaranteed sex but still feel a bit like a real date.

This is why many escorts advertise their services as ‘girlfriend experience’. Surprisingly most men want the escort to look and dress like the girl next door, like a normal girlfriend, and not dress like an obvious sexy prostitute or ‘femme fatale’ with fancy lingerie, stockings, garter belts and more. The more ‘girl next door’ she looks the better.

What do escorts do in Montreal?

5 – Hiring escorts in Montreal can save you time

Some men are very busy with their jobs, hobbies, family and responsibilities that they prefer to meet up with escorts because it saves them tons of time compared to dating women. Let’s face it, dating is very time consuming. It can start on dating apps or websites, spending hours finding someone you are attracted to and chatting with them on your phone or laptop.

Then setting up a date, getting to know each other. Sometimes spending a few dates together before agreeing to having sex. A lot of men prefer to ‘skip the games’ and book an appointment with an escort to go straight to sex.

I don’t recommend getting independent girls from the street or from a bar. I recommend booking girls that work for legit agencies for escorts in Montreal.

6 – In a way, hiring escorts is healthier than dating…

Casual dating often involves drinking alcohol and going out late to night clubs to dance, kiss and be naughty… Once the night club closes, usually people need to get some food, go home and have sex until very late, or should I say very early in the morning like 5am or 6am.

This is followed by getting only a few hours of sleep. And often feeling hung over and sick for 1 or 2 days later. Some men who like fitness, good sleep and a healthy lifestyle prefer to hire escorts to get sex without having to drink too much alcohol, and cut down on sleep and exercise.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about why men pay for escorts.

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