price and cost for escorts and call girls in Montreal

Price guide for escorts in Montreal

Do you want to hire a sexy escort girl in Montreal?

Of course you do!

But how much should you pay?

That’s a good question… Like all things in life, the more you pay the more quality you will get… Here’s the price and costs for hiring an escort in Montreal. Let’s get started!

Escort prices in Montreal:

Most escort girls and agencies in Montreal charge around $200-$240 per hour.

Which is amazing because the girls in Montreal are absolutely gorgeous and super nice and social. They are often open-minded about sex toys too so I suggest that you visit a good sex shop in Montreal before meeting with the girl. In Europe or Las Vegas it would cost you at least 2-3 times more money, and you often have to deal with girls with bad attitude… basically you never know what you’ll get. Kind of frustrating spending so much money expecting a nice evening which end up in arguments with a half naked lady on your bed haha.

This is why people like call girls in Montreal so much.

It’s always a guaranteed good time!

Does paying an escort actually get you sex?

Many people are confused by this subject. Here is the explanation:

Escorts are not allowed to advertise their services or make you pay for sex. So all escort services are advertised as “girlfriend experience”, or “companionship”.

So from a legal point of view, you are paying for their company and companionship, which is legal, and whatever happens during that time is on your business since it’s between 2 consenting adults.

Got it?

But of course, sex is included.

price and cost for escorts in Montreal

Do some sexual services cost more than others?

For the most part, the cost you pay a call girl in Montreal is all inclusive. Most girls will give you a BBBJ, “Bare Back Blow Job”, a silly sentence that means unprotected oral sex.

Some girls might charge you extra if you have special desires like if you want to ejaculate on their face, if you wish to have anal sex, and if you would like them to rim you…

The escort girls in Montreal are all honest and they will let you know beforehand if they charge extras for such services.

Most extras are quite minimal amount of money like $20 extra, $40 extra etc.

Do I pay the escort directly or her agency?

The money needs to be handled to the girl in person. The call girls in Montreal are pretty relaxed and they don’t usually ask for the money upfront, (otherwise it would be a boner killer haha). It’s great because it makes the date with the call girl feel natural.

I recommend booking girls from escort agencies at all times, and not hiring freelancers on the street or in a night club.

In Montreal, all the girls who work for an escort agency are professional. They offer good sex and good conversations. They get tested regularly for STIs. They will be nice to you to keep their good reputation with their agency.

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