Do escorts have sex with their customers in Montreal?

Do escorts have sex with their customers?

Do you want to hire a sexy escort girl in Montreal?

Of course you do!

But what do escorts actually do? Do escorts have sex with their customers?

That’s a good question… Here’s all the information you need before you hire an escort in Montreal. Let’s get started!

Yes – Escorts do have sex with their customers in Montreal

Yes. If you pay for an escort, you will have sex with her.

Many people are confused and think all those young beautiful escorts in Montreal only get paid to  go to dinner with rich men.

Of course many men who pay for escorts still want to spend time with her and create a connection before having sex. We all know that creating a connection on a date makes sex 100 times better than just hooking up with a stranger.

Why are so many people confused about what escorts do?

Well, many countries have different laws about paying for sex but most of them don’t have any restrictions about paying for companionship. So often from a legal point of view, if for example and escort girl would advertise on a website that she is actually selling sex, this could be illegal in her country or state. But only selling her time for companionship is totally legal, and whatever happens behind closed doors (sex) is a decision made by 2 consenting adults.

This is why people like call girls and escort agencies in Montreal so much.

It’s always a guaranteed good time!

What do escorts do in Montreal?

What kind of sex is included in the price?

That depends a lot on the girl. But in Montreal, the standard for most call girls from an agency is a blowjob without condom, protected vaginal sex with a condom, oral sex on her (licking and kissing her vagina) and of course deep french kissing. Some escorts might ask for a little extra payment if you request something more kinky like to ejaculate in her face, or for her to rim you (licking your asshole).


Can I ask which services are included beforehand?

That depends a lot on where you live. Most countries won’t allow people to advertise their sexual services for money, so they have to ‘disguise’ their answers if you ask them. For example, if you would call an escort agency in Montreal and ask them what sexual service their call girls are offering, they will only tell you: “All our girls are offering a girlfriend experience”.

If they would say anything more than this, they would get in trouble with the law. But by just answering that way it’s perfectly legal and you can enjoy your time with their girls.

(This is why many people think escorts don’t have sex with their customers, but yes, they do)


The better you treat her, the better the sex will be.

It’s common sense, but better you treat the girl, the better the sex she will give you.

Have good hygiene and be a gentlemen, escorts are women, and women like to be treated nice. Don’t treat call girls like objects or rush into sex too quick. Take time to have a conversation, share a drink, make her laugh a few times and make her feel comfortable.

Make sure you shower and brush your teeth AND FLOSS before meeting her.

Many escorts won’t like to do deep french kissing with a man with poor mouth hygiene. On the opposite side, if your mouth is clean and smells fresh they will get more intimate with you and you will both enjoy the encounter more.

I recommend booking escort girls that work for agencies, and not getting call girls from the street or from a night club.

If you wish, feel free to check out sexy photos of the best call girls in Montreal on this page.

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