Top Panty Sellers to Follow

Looking for a reliable panty seller that ships to Canada? Here is a list of our favorite panty sellers…

1. Roselynn Locks

Worn By Roselynn - Used Panties Seller

Roselynn has been a panty seller since 2011. She is based in the USA but frequently ships to Canada. When purchasing from Roselynn you will just get her natural scent as she does not smoke tobacco, use scented detergents, or use scented body lotions or perfumes. You can follow her here:

2. Sara Brooke

Panty Seller Canada

Sara Brooke, a 23 year old Canadian beautiful brunette who sells her panties online. Based in Canada but sell worldwide. You can follow her here and see what she has to offer!

3. Charlie

Charlie is a fun-loving, eccentric girl who enjoys being kinky. She is located between Toronto and Hamilton Ontario Canada. Happy to meet up and hand deliver the items too. You can find her at:

Selling used panties is a common way to make a bit of extra cash but for most it is more for the excitement and turn on. You can read about the experiences of some sellers here.  It is something that has been around for a long time. You can learn more about this trend here.

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