Funny Entertainers to Follow

Canada has some hilarious entertainers that you should totally checkout on social media. They’ll brighten your day before work or when chilling at home :)  Here are a few Canadian entertainers to follow on social media.

1. Spandy Andy

Spany Andy - Entertainer Vancouver

Spandy Andy… is a spandex wearing dancer and comedian entertainer who’s goal is to spread  happiness around the world! From Red Deer, Alberta, he has now been performing for years around the world, and often comes back to Vancouver to perform in his home country. He got TONS of funny videos since almost 10 years that he publishes on his Youtube channel, Facebook page and on his personal blog too. A must-see!

Follow: Spandy Andy

2. Bobs and Lolo

Bobs and lolo

Bobs and Lolo are children entertainers and musicians, and literally Canadian superstars! They perform entertaining and educational children shows every year at pretty much every single Canadian children festival and overseas as well. If you have kids and want to make them smile, follow these girls :)

Follow: Bobs and Lolo

3. Al Simmons

al simmons

Al Simmons has been making people laugh for decades. His comedy style is spot-on. Check out his videos on Youtube for great family fun :)

Follow: Al Simmons

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