The complete guide to having sex with your partner when using sex toys 

Here you are, in that great phase of your relationship where you’re comfortable enough to experiment with new things in bed. From varied sex positions to the kinky stuff, bring it all to the bed with your partner where you both will enjoy and feel great about your sex life.

What’s even better is that you both will never feel like the spark in your relationship is fading and you both are definitely capable of maintaining that heat in a relationship. You’ll understand each other more, and will know about one other’s desires a lot more now than earlier. Sadly, when it’s about sex toys and adult shops, the world takes it as a taboo. But, once you decide to introduce adult toys to your bedroom, you’ll see development in your relationship.

Here are a few things that’ll improve once you start using sex toys:

You can both focus on pleasure instead of pressure!  

Generally, when two people are having sex, one of them feels pressured to have an orgasm, and the other partner feels the pressure of being able to give that orgasm. While using sex toys, you can both be certain about some positions and angles that lead to orgasm. Tell each other how you usually use that sex toy yourself and you’ll magically see your partner enjoying this time.

As you explore, you lead to hotter sex

The more you explore, the more you understand each other. There’s nothing better in bed than knowing each other and leading to a great time. As you use a sex toy, your partner can move it everywhere and you can lead where you enjoy having it the most. How you love it and how much you love it! Explore and explore…

You’ll see yourself trying new positions every day!

As you guys get comfortable with the sex toy soon, you’ll see that you both need to explore more with different positions. More positions you try, more the fun! Multiply this fun by adding the craziest positions to your list and use those sex toys like nobody ever did. Getting crazy with your partner is something that you don’t want to miss!

They’ll help you fantasize about your partner

Sex will not be enough for you now. You’ll always sit and wonder what turned you on and what more can your partner do with that sex toy and your body. You’ll slowly phase out all those celebrities to mind and only wonder how sex is so great when you do it with that special person in your life. 

Buying sex toys in an adult shop can help you bond better 

Now, you’ll try to use as many sex toys as possible and hence will go shopping together. When you shop for sex toys together, you’ll understand what your partner wants and expects in bed and you can easily deliver that. As you scroll down the infinite toys out there, you’ll see each other getting excited about them and wondering the ways that you can use them together.

Don’t hesitate and make your first purchase in an adult shop near you! You really won’t regret it if you start using them once since you will not only see positive things happening in bed but also out of bed. If sex is great for you, it will be a hundred times better with the person you love.