Comparing Match and eHarmony: Which Dating Site Should You Pick?


Getting over a breakup can be terrible, but once it’s time to get back out there you need to follow a few simple rules. First, you need to deal with your heartbreak and overcome the pain while healing. Being completely over a previous lover will be best for your future dating life. Studies have proven that the best time to start actively dating is 6-8 months after a serious relationship has ended. Follow expert advice in this article about when it’s the best time to start dating again.

When you are ready, you can jump on the online dating train and enjoy the ride. But with the amount of dating sites popping up, which ones are right for you? Here are a few things you have to consider before enrolling and paying a membership fee:

1. What Do You Want?

Knowing exactly what you are looking for will guide you in finding the perfect dating site for you. This is also why I mentioned working through other relationship baggage and rediscovering yourself.

Perhaps after taking some time to yourself, you might want to have some fun. If fun and even a few quick hookups are what you are looking for, then you should sign up for easy-dating sites. Sites like Tinder and Bumble typically don’t have long sign-up processes. A few gorgeous (and revealing) pics plus a one-sentence bio and you’re ready to start swiping.

image1When you are interested in meeting new friends you can try sites that encourage friendship. Make your expectations clear in your bio before arranging a meeting or date. If you aren’t quite sure what to ask before meeting up, here is a simple guideline of a few questions you should ask your match first:

2. Finding True Love

If it’s true love that you are after then you should stay away from sites that encourage quick hookups and one-night stands. Matchmaking dating sites like eHarmony and are perfect examples of sites who really want their members to find the man or woman of their dreams.

Putting yourself out there and meeting different people will make your chances of finding love much better. In order for you to get the best out of serious matchmaking sites, you have to be open to finding love and romance.

Use your profile as a place where you can write about your personality and interests. Sites that have in-depth questionnaires will be able to match you much faster with a potential partner. In order to find true love you have to determine what exactly it is you are looking for in a partner and elaborate on it in your profile.

3. Sexual Orientation

Luckily, we live in a day and age where every sexual orientation is catered for. Whether you are bi-sexual, homosexual, or interested in being part of a thruple, there is a platform for you. Some sites do cater specifically to members of the LGBTQ community, which makes it a great place to find people that are like-minded and understand your sexual preferences.


4. Specific Demographics

Most popular dating sites have a data base of people from all over the world. If you are looking for people who are specifically located in your area, you should find sites that have members in your area.

In this review you can check out the different requirements from eHarmony and when it comes to its members. When sites have specific demographic settings, you’ll be able to find people within your own specific requirements.

Whether you are interested in people with a religious background, or who is from a specific age or race demographic, then there are platforms you can check out. Sites that cater to specific demographics like race, age, religion, and sexual orientation don’t always have as many members as general dating websites. But you are guaranteed encounters with people that are like-minded.

5. Privacy and Security

This is a factor that many singles underestimate and don’t take into account that often. It’s extremely important that you choose an online dating site that has strict privacy rules and regulations.

Some companies only allow their visitors to view photos and profiles once they’ve paid a membership fee. If you are posting information about yourself as well as photos, you want that to stay private.

Dating websites should use extremely potent cybersecurity in order to protect the identity and information of its members.

Other concerns when it comes to security, is that there are loads of catfish on the internet. If you don’t know what an online catfish is, then you should really investigate it further. Basically, it’s someone posing to be someone else online in order to attract attention or even scam others.

After chatting with someone, you should definitely request a short video call before meeting up. This will help you confirm the identity of the person you are speaking to.


6. Membership Plans

If you want the best out of your online experience, then you have to be willing to spend a few dollars. The best online dating websites have a small membership fee that provides members with a lot of extra benefits.

Some of these benefits include sending virtual gifts, full access to other member’s profiles and pictures, unlimited messaging, video and voice call options, the ability to change your location to another, and finding your most compatible match.

It is definitely worth spending a few extra bucks on the right site for you. You never know, you might just meet your soulmate. Do check out testimonies of singles who have been through the process before. Even though there are many disappointments online, there are also a few success stories. Like this one:

Another thing that is important to remember, dating online is just like dating in real life. You will have to meet a few frogs before you find your prince (or princess) charming. Stay enthusiastic and keep on putting yourself out there. Do your research on different sites by reading reviews and testimonies, to find the best suited site for you.